Traditional Witchcraft

I have the privilege of training in two lovely traditions of witchcraft. That, along with my interests in hoodoo ways of working and my native American ancestry, flavors and empowers my personal, eclectic path. That path has been in flux for a very long time, as I’ve transitioned from eclectic wicca to Isian and Wica.

It’s taken a little while for me to figure out where to go from this point in my life, where so many of the old beliefs are being torn down, and so many of the new are settling in. But I’m beginning to see the places that always felt like home to me and still do, truths always felt and now validated, reaffirmed. I’m beginning to believe that I really can learn all the astrology and subtle nuances of the tarot that I always felt were too big for me before. And I’m beginning to feel the currents of my traditions empowering even my personal work, opening more for me every time I draw from them. 

It’s hard to find traditional training, but I really feel like if you work for it and make it a goal, it will find you. I practiced eclectic book Wicca for 14 years before I found traditional training. I accomplished and learned a lot during that time. I also had this strong pull meanwhile, always nagging at me, to find a teacher. I got discouraged at times and told myself it was something I could do without, that my practice was just as good without it. 

But it wasn’t, which isn’t to say that would be true for anyone else at all. I only claim to know myself. We simply must follow our desires, and if there truly is a call, I think a way will be made and eventually, one was made for me. I’m so grateful for the mysteries as they unfold, though I have barely scratched the surface.


  1. I apologize if this isn’t the smartest question and I admit I skimmed through this because I’m just waking up. Do you *have* to be trained in order to practice traditional witchcraft? (I believe some cultures you do, but are there open ones?)


    1. I perhaps shouldn’t have used the term traditional witchcraft. I’ve seen it used multiple ways. First to refer to lineaged witchcraft traditions, second to refer to non gardnerian, or pre-wicca traditions, and also to refer to family traditions. I train in several lineaged traditions of witchcraft, which obviously requires one on one training and initiation. However, the second option, of practicing something based on pre-wicca traditions, can be accomplished with some time and research, if one doesn’t have a teacher.

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