My elements page

I feel the need to make a page for my tools next. 

The athame is air, to know. To know your path, to take it and form it. Thus it forms for you the circle, sigils, and other such thought forms.

The wand is fire, to will. To know your true will is to know your desire. Thus the wand invokes what you desire, as it beckons the spirits and gods like a torch cutting through the darkness, warming and welcoming in its light.

The cup is water, to dare. To take what you truly desire, to have that sort of love for yourself, is one of the main things I feel sets us apart. Witches don’t have room for original sin. We are fallen yes, and yet we are holy, beautiful, powerful, and loved. We are not God’s mistake. We brazenly drink it in, in wine, water, and potions.

The paten is earth, to keep silent. To simply be. This is the place, the culmination of the others, where the magick is made. This is the place of manifestation, the place where we, as the divine beings we are, create. The center of power for the microcosm of our altars, awash in candlelight and ecstasy.