Perfect love and perfect trust

I wish to do all of my workings and devotions in the spirit of perfect love and perfect trust. And, on a day when Doubt crept up in the back of my mind and whispered, Anpu answered. 

He told me, you are perfectly imperfect. You will always have some small amount of doubt, as you are beautifully human. You were lovingly crafted just as you are. Can darkness remain even with the smallest light shining upon it? No. That’s all you need then, to overcome darkness, the smallest of lights. And to overcome doubt? The smallest bit of belief, and you, my friend, have more than that. No worries, then. Perfect trust you have, and perfect love too.

It brought to mind the image of yin and yang. There is white in the black side and black in the white side. Perfectly imperfect. Thanks, Anpu.

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  1. This is such a beautiful and honest post. Thank you for sharing it! I look forward to reading more about your personal journey!


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