Sun and priestess, out again 

I got a lot done tonight. I wrote of Saturn in the 12 houses, her zodiac signs, angels, demons, and spirits, tarot cards, and geomantic figures.  All the information I’ve received from my elders in the past few months and my own upg.  I let Capricorn and Aquarius whisper in my ear, and thus my work was practical, yet flavored with flights of fancy. This is my divination book, which I titled this evening, The Fool’s Journey, below which I scrawled a plea to Elephant to guide me in wisdom and memory, strength and resilience, power and love.  For the moment I feel I have a handle on things, and I’m ready to move on to our study of Jupiter.

I also spent time with my book of shadows, adding notes on the cards and a page about the four sons of Heru, and the divine Ladies who keep the canopic jars and the directions. Though I cannot find a consensus as to the elements and directions these beings rule, and our geography differs greatly from where they originate, my intuition tells me they approve of our arrangement, so I am happy.

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