I went to the grocery store on the south side, where I can always count on finding seven day candles (and a great selection of herbs) thanks to our Mexican Catholic population. The cashier asked if they were scented, and remarked that she sure did sell a lot of those funny jar candles. I failed to enlighten her. So now I have elemental candles in addition to my more natural representions (a shell, stone, pinecone, and gold ring) and my four canopic jars. 

And there’s a snakeskin my son’s pet shared with me – thanks, Waldo. Since I’ve just undergone my last microneedling treatment in order to improve the acne scarring on my face, and I will soon literally be shedding my skin, this will be helpful in a working to help that along. (Think the scene from The Craft, where Bonnie chants, “take my scars, take my scars.”)

Not pictured is the letter I’m about to write to the angel of Jupiter, on this, Jupiter’s blessed day, asking for help in healing.

Lovely additions to my altar, all.

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